MYSAFA has become an essential tool for football administration in SA, however, Inqaku receives no direct funding from FIFA or SAFA. Player administration fees are used to pay for the on-going development, support and running costs of MYSAFA and are necessary to make MYSAFA sustainable for years to come. We will endeavour to keep fees as low as possible while providing these essential services to the South African football community.

NB: registration admin fees are separate from card printing.


MYSAFA's integration with FIFA 2.0 systems is also an integral part of player registration. Every player registered in MYSAFA is assigned a unique FIFA ID that is used to track the player’s movements – both domestically and internationally – for the player’s entire career. 

MYSAFA’s connection to the FIFA Clearing House means that clubs will be automatically compensated when a former player signs their first professional contract internationally or transfers internationally as a professional. 

South African Home affairs verification is now included for all player registrations including juniors. This not only is an effective weapon against age cheating but speeds the registration process and eliminates data entry errors.