Player ID cards are priced separately from player registration admin fees. The standard price -- R11 per card -- is unchanged from 2020. Please allow 10 business day from request to delivery.

Express charges may apply if delivery is required in less than 10 business days.

Fee schedule:

Card Type

Price (incl. VAT)

Leagues (6 or more teams):



R11 ea. (incl. shipping)

     Single-sided - Express

R25 ea. (incl. shipping)

     Double-sided (Can include sponsor logo)

R13 ea.  (incl. shipping)

Single card (replacement for lost or stolen)

R50 ea. + R100 shipping

Single team (replacement for lost or stolen)

R25 ea.  (incl. shipping)

Single team for playoffs*

R50 ea.  (incl. shipping)

*Printing cards for a single team for the purposes of a playoff will no longer be permitted in 2021. Contact MYSAFA Support if you need cards printed after your league season has concluded.

Please allow 10 working days after payment for delivery of your cards.

For information on how to order player ID cards, click here.