1. Click Club request on the side menu/organisation page.


2. On the club requests page, click request club insert. You can view all requests and outcomes for your organisation on the club requests page.

3. Fill in all the details for the organisation and submit the request. MYSAFA will be notified of the request and will review it as soon as possible. You will be notified once the review process is complete. 

Please note: All club insert requests are reviewed and approved by the MYSAFA team to ensure that no duplicate clubs are created within an LFA. The LFA (of the club to be inserted) will have an opportunity to approve or reject the club insert request (if the request is not from the LFA). 

Once the request is submitted, the requesting user will receive an email confirming the request, the MYSAFA team will be notified, and, if the requesting org is not an LFA, the LFA where the club must be added will also be notified.

Once the request has been processed by the MYSAFA team, the requesting user will receive an email notification of the outcome.

Click here to find out more about LFA/name change requests.