Printing temporary cards or cardsheets is easy. After you have completed player registration, when logged into the admin site at, do the following:

  1. From the left hand navigation panel, click 'League teams'
  2. In the list box labeled 'Currently viewing teams for league', select the league for which you want to print cards...

    You will see all the clubs with players registered in the active league below.

  3. To print a cardsheet for a team: Click the 'Print Cardsheet' button. A new tab or window will open displaying the cards.

    To print an individual card: Click the 'View' button, then click the 'View Card' button next to the player for whom you wish to print a card.

  4. Click the 'Print Teamsheet' button.

    Use the settings below to print 10 cards per A4 sheet.
  5. Click 'Print'.