Executive members of your organisation can be added and cards printed easily. Once the members are added, contact support@mysafa.net to order ID cards.

  1. On the left-hand navigation panel, click Manage->Organisations->View organisations.
  2. Click the button, “My Organisation”

  3. Depending on what type of organisation you are affiliated with, click the link that says “Province officials”, “Region officials” or “LFA officials”.

  4. To add an official, click the “Add official” button on the right side of the page.

  5. Select the correct ID country and enter the official’s ID number.

  6. Click “Add”.
  7. To add the official’s image, click the “browse” button and navigate to the image on your computer or mobile device.

  8. To add the official’s position and title, click the “Add position” button.

  9. Enter the official’s committee (e.g. Executive Committee) and position within the committee (e.g. President, VP, member).

  10. Enter the start and, if appropriate, the expected end date of the appointment.     
  11. Click “Save”. 
  12. Enter the official’s contact details in the fields provided.

  13. Click “Save”.

Click the “Back” button to add another official.