How to tell if a player is already registered

1. When you are entering your new player’s ID number the system will tell you if the player is already registered for another club. The blue block below tells you that the player is already registered.

2. You can only deregister a player in a league that you own.

How to deregister a player within your LFA

1. Click on registrations on the left-hand side of your screen and search for your player with his ID number. Your player profile will appear and click on player registrations.

2. Click on deregister button to deregister the player.

 3. Once you have clicked on deregister you can now go back to player registrations and continue to register the player in your club.

How to deregister a player in a different LFA

1. If the player is registered in a different LFA and you want to transfer the player to your LFA the previous LFA needs to deregister the player first or you can request that the region deregisters the player.

How to transfer a player before the league starts

1. If a player is already registered on but is not yet registered to play in an upcoming league you will be able to transfer a player to your club for the coming league by clicking on the transfer button when you are registering the player.

2. This transfer button will only appear when you enter the players ID in the first step of registering a player during the open season before a league starts.After this window period, you will need to follow the reregistration process.