Registering players is easy. It is recommended that you scan the players' photos, ID documents, registration form, medical clearance, or any other documents before beginning registration

To register a club player in a league, first login to

  1. On the left-hand navigation panel, click 'Register club player’.

  2. Now select the league in which you wish to register the player and click the 'Next' button.

    Note: When you select the league, the system will indicate how much your account will be debited for the registration. For more information on registration admin fee pricing, click here.

    If you do not have sufficient funds to continue registration, click here for instructions on how to add credit to your account.

  3. You will now be prompted to select the club for whom the player will be registered. If you are a club user, you will only see your club listed.

    After selecting your club, click 'Next'.

  4. Now enter the ID number of the player you wish to register in the field labelled, 'ID Number'. Alternatively, if you know it, you can enter the player's MYSAFA ID in the 'MYSAFA ID' field.

    Note: If the player does not hold a valid South African ID, he/she must first be cleared by the SAFA International Department. Once a valid ITC is obtained, the player can be registered by entering the player's passport number and selecting the correct passport country from the list.

    Once the correct ID information has been entered, click 'Next'.

  5. You will now see the Person Details page where personal information and the player photo can be added.

    If the player is South African, the personal details will be fetched from Home Affairs and will not be editable. Foreign players must have their details manually entered.

    Note: If the player was last registered with a club other than the one selected in step 3, you will be prompted to upload a transfer document. Afterwards, click 'Request transfer'. You can then continue registering other players. When the transfer has been approved by the appropriate MYSAFA administrator, a notification will appear at the top of the page near the bell icon. When the notification appears, click the bell and, if the clearance was approved, click the 'Register' button to continue registering the player.

  6. After uploading the player's photo and entering the phone number, click 'Next'.

  7. You will now see the documentation page where ID, registration and medical documents can be uploaded. Upload the appropriate documents, based on the requirements of your league coordinator.

    Once all of your documents have been uploaded, click 'Next'.

  8. The Confirmation page is the final step to register a player. Review the information and documents and correct any errors. If everything is correct, click the 'Accepted Inqaku Terms & Conditions' box, then click the 'Confirm' button.

    Note: if for any reason you are not ready to submit the registration, you can click the 'Save' button. This will allow you to continue registering other players, and return to this registration later.

    The registration can only be submitted once the 'Confirm" button has been clicked.

  9. The registration is now added to a batch and you will be returned to the step where you enter the players' id number, with the league and club defaulted. If you wish to register your next player in a different league, return to step one above.

Once you have completed a player registration it is added to a batch. When you are done with your registrations, submit the batch for approval by your league administrator.